My best 9 from 2023. This time it Includes some really cool industrial abstract aviation art for The Condor build to rent project in Derby for Grainger PLC, and a new industrial abstract art collection, The Spring Collection, which is a contemporary art series available on request, and made to order. They can be sold individually or as a set. Bespoke pieces can also be designed.

I'm very proud of all of these hence the inclusion into the best 9. More to come in 2024.

The Condor
| More info and images here
The Spring Collection
| More info and images here

Happy New Year and thank you to all the people involved. Robert Brown , Lucia Mills, Richard Demby, Sjaana Veltman, Kate Easterling, Sarah Norstrom, Leesa Ingham, Fiona McDonald, Cast Interiors, 74, Grainger PLC.

Michael Murray
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