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Printing + Framing

All printing and framing is undertaken by framing partner Loxley Colour , an industry leading professional printing and framing lab with 30 years experience. There is a huge range of options for papers, and frame mouldings, As everything is made to order by Loxley, there is no limit to quantity. Orders can be from 1 piece of art to hundreds of framed prints, and all safely shipped internationally.

- lustre photographic paper or various grades of Hannemule fine art paper.
- mouldings such as the examples below, but there are many more. Other options such box frames and tray frames are also possible.

Moulding samples can be sent prior to ordering, on request.

Below are some new framing options plus some favourite mouldings that have been used on projects over the years.

Canvas Tray Frame
Canvas Tray Frame
Acrylic Tray Frame
Box frame
3 Highland Drive in Sanctuary Silver - freshly delivered
Sanctuary satin gold was used for the Enigma Square project
Regency was used twice in the Gilders Yard project

Regency Black Tan
Box frame used for the Astra Zeneca office interior.
Shadow box
Metropolitan oak was used in the Headline project
Spectrum was used in the Headline project