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Specialist areas of expertise - corporate and hospitality projects ; art for build to rent (BTR) schemes, PBSA projects, workplace design, and boutique hotels. Worldwide shipping.

There are several ways art can be supplied;

  • Bespoke art can be designed from a brief or design documents. See portfolio of projects for examples. These can be supplied framed, unframed, or digitally. Shipped internationally. The art can be designed to compliment the interior design and architecture, as well as referencing an area/company history, and industries.
  • Art can be supplied (framed, unframed, or digitally) from the current range of prints.
  • Art can be chosen and curated from other artists or photographers work. The recent project for Astra Zeneca is a good example of this, as well Hollis Croft.
  • Photography and artwork can be printed and framed from supplied digital files.
  • Photographic retouching of old photos connected to a project. A framed photo of the Yorkshire Post building for example was supplied fo the Headline BTR project.
  • Bric a brac; antiques, collectables, books, framed taxidermy, can also be sourced for a project. See here for examples.

    All printing and framing is undertaken by our framing partner Loxley Colour , an industry leading professional printing and framing lab with 30 years experience. They have a huge range of options for papers, and frame mouldings, As everything is made to order by Loxley, there is no limit to quantity. Orders can be from 1 piece of art to hundreds of framed prints, and all safely shipped internationally.

    If you have any enquiries or would like a quote for a project please get in touch. Projects can also be discussed via Microsoft teams, or Zoom .

    m. 07989426189

    Note, sometimes replies go into spam folders so please check there if you haven’t received a response.

    Michael Murray.
    Digital fine artist + art consultant + designer.