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"Glasgow Tenements". A contemporary depiction of a classic Glasgow Tenement building.

Striking, slightly surreal, and very contemporary depiction of a classic Glasgow tenement building. Includes details such as an old glasgow bus, the Waverley, Mackintosh stained glass , Lobey Dosser, and the motto from the Glasgow crest;

"Here’s the bird that never flew.
Here’s the tree that never grew.
Here’s the bell that never rang.
Here’s the fish that never swam."

Available in the SHOP as a limited edition version (signed numbered, and embellished with paint, charcoal, and chalk), and an open edition version. Framed or unframed. Special personalised versions can also be created on request. Get in touch for details. 

Medium - digital 3d fine art.
- various
- various

Glasgow art. Michael Murray