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A showcase of the some of the workplace design schemes I've created/supplied the artwork for, from the past few years. I've also added in some workspace areas (private meeting rooms, reception areas, study spaces, co working spaces) from student accomodation and build to rent projects, The Condor, The Headline, Pin Yard, Hollis Croft, and Pittodrie Street Aberdeen.

The main projects in the showcase include the following developments, which are a mixture of fine art photography, and digital mixed media fine art.

24 St Vincent Place | Glasgow
Design theme - The history of the building, The Citizen Newspaper.
Special features - There are 24 typewriters, each with a letter highlighted spelling 24 ST VINCENT PLACE GLASGOW. The typeface is also matching with the logo of

the building. The clock in the third piece is an exact representation of the famous clock seen on the building, and set at 2pm and 4pm to make 24.
City - Glasgow
Client - Savills, JLL
Design agency - C2 Concept
Artwork Quantity - 3

More images and info

Astra Zeneca | London
City - London
Artwork - Tom Hegen
Client - Astra Zeneca
Design agency - Ehko Design
Artwork Quantity - 3
More images and info

The Skypark | Glasgow
City - Glasgow
Special features- all the photographs were taken from the roof of the Skypark building.
Client - The Skypark, Resonance Capital, Arts and Business Scotland.
Artwork Quantity - 42
Phase 1 | More images and info

Phase 2 | More images and info

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