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Art project for Student Roost Pittodrie Street Aberdeen.

Multiple series of bespoke pieces were designed for this interior referencing Aberdeen rich history and shipping industries, as well as prints selected from current series, and curated pieces of artwork by other artists such as the set for the cinema room.

Main entrance lobby - bespoke still life pair of dump truck art and fishing boat art, plus a digger piece, to ref all the construction in the city.
Social area
- Selection of artwork from the War Inside series of contemporary prints which explore the battles between various subjects.
Cinema room - a selection of movie posters were chosen, some of which had subtle connections to the history and industries of the city. For example, "Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" for the sealife connection.

Medium - 3d digital fine art + photography (bespoke) + various for the curated pieces.
Size - Various
- Various

Bespoke art. Michael Murray
Art curation. Michael Murray
Printing. Loxley Colour
Framing. The Framing Workshop
Client. Student Roost Aberdeen

Michael Murray Art. 2021