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Bespoke Art project for The Oaks, Student Roost Coventry. Warwick University. 

Brief - Due to the prestigious ranking of the neighbouring University of Warwick and career success stories from there the artwork should cover the following. Prestige, Award Winning, Success, Arts & Culture, University excellence / famous faces/ CEO’s that have studied here, the courses the uni is famed for.

A series of trophy art was designed to celebrate and showcase the achievements of notable Warwick University alumni, as well as the University itself through the coat of arms, local company connections, and motto.

- 30" x 40" each.
- Sanctuary black charcoal + white mount and smaller inner grey.
- 3d digital fine art.

Bespoke art. Michael Murray
Printing. Loxley Colour
Framing. Loxley Colour
Client. Student Roost Coventry

Michael Murray Art. 2021