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Bespoke Art project for Student Roost Hollis Croft Sheffield

Multiple series of bespoke pieces were designed, and artwork was chosen for this interior, including art by local artists, referencing Sheffields manufacturing industries, confectionary, history, wildlife, icons and vibrant music scene.

Social area - Large pieces were chosen to ref the music scene and sports, ie the Arctic Monkeys, Def Leppard, Jarvis Cocker, Joe Cocker, as well as the Cock bar, which was originally located on the Hollis site. Circular shapes on the prints refer to Sheffield sports of football and snooker. A steel mirror (steel city), and a faux taxidermy Ram head was sourced as its the areas iconic animal. A bespoke print of rams in snooker colours was also designed to compliment the faux taxidermy ram head.
Study area
- Prints were specifically chosen to represent the industries, factories, metal work, tool fabrication etc of the city. e.g Letters F E and C were chosen to create chemical symbols FE (Iron) and C (Carbon) which make Steel.
Atriums -
Local nature, botanicals, and wildlife prints were chosen including roses (the symbol of Yorkshire), and three Lion prints to represent England, one serious, one botanical, and one student. Other prints involve owls (the emblem of the football club), and Elephants as these were used during the war to transport ammunitions.
Cinema corridor - A selection of alternative movie posters were chosen which had subtle connections to the history and industries of the city. For example, "Superman - Man of Steel", as Sheffield is known as steel city, Lord of the Rings (forging), Phase 4 (worker ants - factories), Pulp Fiction (music, the band Pulp are from Sheffield), Blade Runner (fabrication of knives), Robocop (metal work, technology, prosthetics). They also compliment each other as well as the proposed interior design theme.
Demonstration Kitchen
- All bespoke work. Local food and confectionary art was created based on traditional dishes, condiments, and confectionary from Sheffield , such as yorkshire pudding, Hendersons Relish, and Licorice All Sorts (in Sheffield football colours), as well as cutlery of course. The colours also compliment the proposed interior design.

- Various
- Various
Medium - 3d digital fine art + photography (bespoke) + various for the curated pieces.

Bespoke art. Michael Murray
Art curation. Michael Murray
Printing. Loxley Colour
Framing. The Framing Workshop
Client. Hollis Croft Student Roost Sheffield
. HLM Architects

"I have visited site today I just wanted to say how much I love the artwork you have installed at Hollis Croft, it certainly enhances the project thank you.
The artwork is amazing, I especially like the quirky relations you have incorporated into them too, such as the Arctic monkeys and 3 lions etc." Andrea Taylor, HLM Architects.

Michael Murray Art. 2021