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"The Reporter's Toolkit". A bespoke art collection for The Headline building, a Build to Rent scheme in Leeds by Grainger PLC. 

A collection of bespoke artwork was designed for The Headline project with the purpose of connecting elements of the original site, the Yorkshire post, with the design and essence of the new and spectacular interior design of the Headline building.

The series is an original and contemporary collection of striking digital fine art pieces that depict antique/vintage equipment typically used by a reporter. The full series includes an antique typewriter, tape cassette recorder, reel to reel recorder, vintage camera, press camera, and a pair of retro phones.

Interesting features
- Each piece of art subtley incorporates design elements such as the Headline logo H but in 3d, Grainger corporate logos, the date of the first paper from the Yorkshire post (1866), the founding date of Grainger (1912), "Property of the Yorkshire Post" stickers in a typed style, and the Yorkshire post is also spelled out on the typewriter keys. The designs also match the colours of the interior design palette, plus the fonts, paper grid design for the background, and design elements, mimic the graphic design documents.

Medium - digital 3d fine art.
- 40" x 30" and 24" x 32.
- White satin and Metropolitan Oak frames.

Bespoke art. Michael Murray
Client. Grainger Plc
Interior design. 74 Design
Website. The Headline

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