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The Condor, Derby. Bespoke Art Collection. A stunning Build to Rent scheme by Grainger plc. 2023.

A bespoke art collection for the beautiful Condor building, a Build to rent scheme by Grainger located in Derby. Uk.
Style - Industrial aviation abstract art.

Grainger plc’s first Build to Rent scheme in Derby was named The Condor after Rolls-Royce’s famous engine. The scheme is the city’s first, which is based on the former Debenhams site on Victoria Street. It has been named in recognition of the city’s engineering excellence, celebrating the aircraft engine built by Rolls-Royce in Derby in 1918.

Famously recognised for its powerful engine system, Rolls-Royce Condor III, was one of the first engines built by Rolls-Royce. With up to 675 horsepower, the V12 engine was experimentally flown to explore the operations of a diesel engine in flight – an innovative development in aviation history.

A collection of 8 pieces of unique bespoke pieces of artwork was designed for The Condor with the purpose of subtley connecting aviation engineering elements such as engines, propellor movement, aviation goggles of a pilot, and the spectacles of an engineer, with the design and essence of the stunning interior design. 

Each piece of art subtley incorporates design elements such as the Condor logo right in the centre of each engine which in itself depicts the famous engine, plus Grainger corporate logos are also featured as a brand on the glasses. For design harmony the designs also match the colours of the interior design palette.

Elements included;  lots of circles  and spirals (ref engine, logo, and propellor movements), as well as the spiral of a Derby ram), + pilots and engineers.

Private co working - Set of 3 images - 70cm x 90cm each. Intricate abstract spirals + aircraft engines .
Private dining
- 1 image. 100cm x 50cm. Lines of steampunk style goggles of an WW1 pilot, alternating with round glasses of an engineer/designer. Twelve circles total from 6 pairs of glasses. 12 circles representing the cylinders of the v12 engine. Spirals on each lens. Also represents the layout of a dining table with each circle being a plate.
Amenity space - Set of 4 images - 70cm x 90cm each. Intricate abstract spirals + aircraft engine.

Medium - digital 3d fine art.
- 100cm x 50cm + 7 x  (90cm x 70cm)
Frame - Sanctuary satin black with double white mount.

Bespoke art. Michael Murray
Printing and framing. Loxley Colour
Client. Grainger Plc
Website. The Condor
Interior Design. 74 Design.

Michael Murray Art
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