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"The Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery". A bespoke fine art piece of the famous Buttery restaurant.

Special contemporary portrait of the famous Buttery restaurant in Glasgow filled with quirky and surreal details such as a penguin overlooking the west end, fishing boats, a fish in a balloon, and elements representing the Glasgow Coat of Arms such as the flying fish (fish that didn't swim), the penguin (bird that never flew, the blue bell flowers (bell that never rang), and the trimmed bush at the door ( tree that never grew).

Prints are available now through the SHOP or by getting in touch directly.
Alternative framing options are available . A great option for this one is the Regency Black Tan shown in the image, which is similar to the original frame in the restaurant.

Medium - digital 3d fine art.
Artist -
Michael Murray
Size - 100 x 100cm
- Italian ornate black frame with bronze highlights. (spec of the original commissioned piece hanging in the restaurant)

Bespoke art + Contemporary Prints. Michael Murray
Client. Two Fat Ladies at the  Buttery Restaurant
Date. 2012